Confessions of a floss addict

One personal hygiene product that I decidedly cannot live without is floss. It’s been a part of my daily dental care routine since I finally made it a habit (after my braces came off) in grade school. I credit flossing for my healthy, cavity free mouth. Because floss comes with quite a bit of packaging, when I first began this project I tried to use a rubber gum stimulator in its place, but quickly found that it was not a good substitute–at least not for my mouth. I think my teeth must be very close together because I’m not able to get the tip of the stimulator between them. So, I turned back to floss.

I have searched high and low for simple paper packaged, chemical-free floss and the best product I have found so far is Eco-Dent’s Gentle Floss. When I first spotted it on the shelf at a local co-op (since then I’ve seen it at Whole Foods) I was very excited, but when I got it home and opened the paper box to get the thread end started, I discovered that the floss spool comes wrapped in a small clear stretch plastic bag and that the 100 yards of floss are wound around a hard plastic bobbin. The bag is meant to keep the essential oils used to wax the thread from drying out. While it’s not trash-free, I do feel that this product is much better than the twice packaged floss I bought for years–wrapped once in a #2 plastic box and then again against a paper card with a cellophane or #1 plastic cover glued to the paper.

I try to use the floss sparingly. I keep the pieces that I break off just long enough to wrap a couple times around one finger on each hand with just enough space between to maneuver around my mouth. And though it may sound gross, I reuse each piece a couple of times until the coating comes off, simply rinsing the strand between uses. Lately I’ve wondered about the plausibility of making my own floss. Perhaps I could find a natural fiber thread of the appropriate weight and coat it as needed with minimally packaged oil or wax…

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  1. Saba Ahmad May 20, 2014 at 7:19 pm #

    If you are not vegan then silk yarn is a possible substitute.


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