Waste crate

Pictured above is my trash and recycling bin after one week. I’ve been using this wood crate to hold all the recyclable paper, recyclable bottles & cans, and the landfill waste I produce each week. Before taking it out to the curb, I photographed it as a part of a new plan to document its contents. Today it held the paper mail that can’t be burned in the wood stove as starter, the cardboard box that the stainless steel container I purchased from Life Without Plastic was packaged in (I reused the larger shipping box), the plastic bag that was inside the cardboard box, a plastic produce tag that came off of some organic Kale (bought from the grocery store between farmers’ markets), a plastic magnetic strip removed from the paper tag on a pair of cashmere gloves given to me as birthday gift, and seven empty cat food cans. The cat food has been a real issue, and I will soon address the problems I’ve come up against trying to reduce pet care waste.

The plastic bag (not stretchy), the kale tag, and magnetic strip are not recyclable so they will go into the large city garbage collection can that we share with our landlady. The cat food cans and all the paper go into two separate recycling bins. The Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation recently announced the planned switch to single-stream recycling in 2012.

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