Wool dryer balls

I just received these wool dryer balls in the mail today. I’m excited to test them out. They are supposed to fluff up laundry and reduce static, eliminating the need for fabric softener and dryer sheets. I’ve read that they also reduce drying time anywhere from 25 to 40 percent! I ordered mine here. I have been using powdered laundry soap that I buy in a cardboard box or in bulk. I am not using any other softening agent. Since I cut out harsh chemicals from my laundry routine, I’ve really noticed relief from skin irritations, such as wintertime eczema. And while I haven’t had any trouble with static (in part because I’ve been hang-drying most of my clothes), I have noticed that sometimes my towels feel a little stiff and I’m hoping these dryer balls will minimize that. I can’t wait to see if they noticeably reduce drying time.

Next on my list of things to do is to install a retractable clothesline in my living room. I’ve been hanging garments on the backs of chairs, from doorknobs, hooks, shelves and mantels. There is a clothesline in the small garden below my apartment that we will use when the weather gets warm again.

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  1. Mihela September 21, 2016 at 8:29 pm #

    Hi Coleen,

    I love your blog, your energy, your efforts… wish more people were like you.
    We have so much in common…. I love my dryer balls too!! With a few drops of essential oil – they are a keeper!!
    I have switched my bedding to flax linen and given my cotton sheets away…. what a difference. Here, in Canada, we have a store called Winners/Home Sense and they usually have great deals on ‘linen’. I mean, once you fall in love with the natural fibers, you cannot go back to poly stuff!!!

    Keep up the great work… You are definitely an inspiration. Gotta get those toothbrushes in soon!!

    Have a great day,


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