Waste crate, week two

Week two of waste crate contents looks pretty similar to week one. I received more junk mail this week than last, so I need to make another round of phone calls to get myself removed from more mailing lists. I received a few ‘pre-approved’ credit card offers this week. The ‘opt out’ phone number leads me to an automated phone service that asks for my social security number, which I will not provide. This kind of mailing is harassment. I’m going to go to my post office to see if they can offer me any advise on how to be removed from ‘current resident’ mailing lists… I wonder if you can register your address with a ‘do not mail’ service?

The non-recyclables this week are from organic grocery store produce. Two plastic tags, twist ties, and stickers. Still trying to switch over completely to the farmers’ markets and co-ops.

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  1. stella April 9, 2013 at 3:23 am #

    How did you make out at the PO?

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