Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation

Today I called Rhode Island Resource Recovery to sign up for a tour of the Materials Recycling Facility and the landfill. The nearly full landfill has been in the local news lately because of an odor control problem. The ventilation system designed to filter out hydrogen sulfide had reached capacity. Residents in towns 15 miles away were complaining of the stench. New wells and flares had to be installed to collect and burn up the gas. In the Action Speaks conference I spoke about in my first post, Sarah Kite (Director of Recycling Services) speaks about how we generally don’t think about garbage until there is a garbage crisis. In this country, we do not have to look at the consequences of consumption becoming waste.

RIRRC has announced that come Earth Day (April 22), single stream recycling (numbers 1-7) will go live to encourage residents and businesses to move more items from their trash cans to their recycling bins. The MRF is currently undergoing major renovation to accomodate this change (previously Rhode Island was only excepting 1 and 2 plastics) and I’m going to check it out to see what happens to the stuff that gets thrown ‘away’.

On the RIRRC website I found a link to University of Rhode Island’s Master Composter Training outreach program. It starts up again in the fall of 2012. It looks wonderful!

Above photo from Providence Journal Files.

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