Waste crate, week 4

My waste from this past week looks pretty much the same as prior weeks. I bought some produce from the grocery store again this week so I’m left with the plastic stickers for the landfill. I made an appointment toward the end of the month to talk with my vet about feeding my cat a home prepared diet so that we may make another attempt to wean her off the canned food. I received less junk mail this week than usual. My bank has told me that even though I’m signed up for online banking, they are still legally required to send paper statements. I file them and toss the envelopes in the waste crate. Paper statements from several years ago are shredded and recycled or burned.

I have always wondered why windowed envelopes must have plastic? Why can’t they all be made with just an open cutout? Does it have to do with privacy regulations? According to Rhode Island Resource Recovery recycling guidelines, residents can put windowed envelopes into their green (paper) bins. But how do they separate the plastic from the paper? Does it go straight to the landfill? Do the glues from the windows, stamps, paper tapes and stickers contaminate the paper? These are all questions I will be asking when I tour the RIRRC facilities.

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