Recently, I have been in touch with Krystal Noiseux, Recycling Program Manager at RIRRC. I’m going to be meeting with her tomorrow morning for a tour of the facilities and to discuss all the questions I have about recycling in RI. I’m really looking forward to getting information straight from the source.

Krystal has already offered corrections to some misinformation that I’ve posted here on this blog about recycling and the landfill in this state. I have said that RI currently accepts only numbers 1 and 2 plastics and that once the recycling center renovation is complete, they will accept numbers 1-7. The truth—as Krystal explained it—is that currently, they only accept plastic bottles and jugs. Plastic jars, cups, and takeout clamshells that are marked with a 1 or 2 have never been accepted. Once the single-stream collection system goes live, they will accept all small plastic household containers. But they will not accept items such as PVC pipes and shelving, Styrofoam, or plastic bags.

I used the phrase “nearly full landfill” in an earlier post, which is problematic because it is unspecific. Krystal informed me that the projected life left of the Rhode Island landfill is about 23 years.

It will be great to get some more accurate information about what happens to the Rhode Islanders’ waste. I will report back what I learn!

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