Spring equinox

Today is the spring equinox, but it looked and felt more like summer out there. People were walking around in bathing suits. The jet stream is making a dramatic curve across the 48 states allowing the cool air from Canada to move down west coast and all the warm air from the Gulf to move up the midwest and east coast. Winter was largely a no-show this year. These record high temperatures are unsettling to say the least. But the warm and balmy air feels good on my skin and lungs and I try to accept and enjoy the physical comfort.

This evening I rode my bike to the market to pick up some groceries for dinner. It was beautiful out. The man at the fish counter said, “You’re going to start a new trend of bringing your own container.” I smiled. That would be great. The girl who rang up my purchase was patient while I gave her the price look-up (PLU) code for my bulk rice. On the ride home I passed a man eating soft serve. I wonder what the weather will be like this summer.

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