My home away

The clothesline at the apartment I’m staying at in Maine is so perfectly positioned. Laundry dries much faster high up off the ground in the sun and breeze than it does in the machine. The air here has been dry and warm during the days and my sheets only need to hang out for about 15 minutes. The apartment is also equipped with a little foldout rack, perfect for skivvies. Check out the solar panels in the back. There’s also a compost heap and a chicken coop below the deck. Property owners Eric and Laura know what’s up.


In the garden, raptor silhouettes help deter small birds from the berries. Such a simple form of pest control. So far, they seem to be working—the crop has been bountiful.

The grapes on the vines just a step downhill from the blueberries are coming along. I’m really hoping that some will ripen before I leave. It can be difficult to find grapes in a store without the plastic bag.

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