Painted Rocks

While up in Georgian Bay, I visited a point known as the “Painted Rocks”. It ranks as one of the most beautiful places I’ve been. Pink, gold, green, and blue striations wrap around sedimentary boulders that jut out into the bay. Pools of water sit in shallow valleys on different planes across their surfaces. There’s an otherworldly quality to this place. Something about the image above feels surreal, as though it were a computer generated virtual space. Standing on the point watching the sun sink through the clouds I mustered another attempt to consider the extent of the universe and my insignificance in it—a thought that is always comforting to me. It’s wonderful to sit in awe of your surroundings. This comes more automatically for me in a natural setting. I feel lucky to be able to move between developed and undeveloped environments—control and chaos.

One of the pools at the Painted Rocks.

Painterly indeed.

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