This year I am giving few physical gifts to friends and family for the holidays. I filled the ceramic pots I made with colorful succulents and will present those to loved ones without any wrapping, but I have wrapped some of my unplanted pots and hand thrown bowls with Furoshiki style cloth—something I’ve always wanted to try. There are many wonderful illustrated directions available online and I found this video, which was incredibly helpful! The wrapping is beautiful, elegant, and easy to give to the gift receiver or keep as the gift giver to reuse.



The rest of the gifts I will give this year will be experiences. Surprise field trips. And because my wonderful friends and family read my blog, I will wait to share those adventures until after they’ve been had! Sharing good food and conversation with loved ones this week is precious time spent.

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  1. Furoshiki December 11, 2013 at 6:34 pm #

    Actually giving people cloth gift wraps (with a book on how to do the wraps) is a great present. Usually they reuse the cloth years later I’ve found. You just need to convince them to use it which is not always easy. Oh well, I guess I’ll keep trying.

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