Lions and lambs


Oh March, you fickle old girl. I love the changes you bring each year. The image above is was taken while I was out for a run Friday morning. It was snowing sideways and the temperature didn’t get up above freezing all day. But by mid-day Saturday, much of the accumulated snow had already melted in the sun. Sunday brought more sun and mild temperatures nearing 50 degrees Fahrenheit so I jumped at the chance to log some hours outdoors.


My best friend and I took a drive out to the Willimantic Food Co-op to stock up on some bulk goods that we can’t get package-free in Providence, namely liquid soap (for household and personal hygiene purposes), agave nectar, honey, and canola oil. Fertile Underground Grocery’s bulk selection continues to grow and I’ve been told that their goal is to one day offer these liquid bulk goods, but for now I’m still making out of town trips every two months to fill up my glass jars and swing top bottles. Of course, having to drive 40-60 minutes to get to the nearest liquid bulk goods source is not ideal. I take care to plan ahead, writing lists and packing a shopping kit with ample vessels to minimize my trips. Carpooling with a friend and incorporating an outdoor adventure into the errand helps ease my anxiety about burning the fuel.


We hit up Old Furnace State Park—one of my favorite semi-nearby hiking spots. The extra hour of daylight seemed like such a gift. The air was warm enough to smell the wet earth and leaves underfoot. On several instances I was overcome by excitement and found myself breaking into a full sprint along the trails. My friend and I weren’t the only ones enjoying the warm weather—the birds were chirping up quite a chorus. Being confined to my apartment or office for most of the winter has its serious drawbacks, no doubt, but the cabin fever makes the coming of spring that much sweeter.

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  1. Cocomama March 12, 2013 at 3:35 pm #

    I wondered how far your co-op errands took you from your home in Providence. I live in Long Beach (California) and found a co-op in Santa Monica but considered that too far to drive for bulk soap and lotion. So I will plan to pick up those items another time, when I am going out there for other occasions. Until then I will purchase the largest gallon bottles of Dr Bronners at my local WF and use your awesome recipe for home made hand lotion.

    • Colleen March 13, 2013 at 4:26 am #

      Hi there! Yep, I have to make a bit of a trek. As I said, it’s not ideal and I’m always looking for alternatives solutions. Ways of getting those products locally, or ways of living without them… without feeling deprived or like I’m lacking certain comforts. I think the gallon bottle of Dr. Bronner’s is a pretty good compromise, especially since that soap can be diluted quite a bit without losing its efficacy. Actually, most of the liquid bulk products I buy are delivered to the co-ops in some sort of plastic container, even if they’re dispensed in a beautiful stainless steel fusti. And not all of those plastic shipping containers are reused. Some of them are recycled.
      Making the lotion at home was definitely an “aha moment”. It really is so simple and I can honestly say I like it better than any other lotion I’ve bought in personal size or bulk bottles. I’ve shared it with lots of friends at this point and have received only glowing reports. Still working on securing a local source for the beeswax. And the coconut oil—well that’s definitely not local or package-free. It really is an ingredient that works so well for my skin type though. So I make the exception and ration it carefully. Everyday is series of measured decisions. There isn’t always an easy answer. Cheers to you for your efforts and considerations!

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