So long, old girl.


Some progress to report: today I sold my car. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time, especially since I moved into my current apartment, which is only 3 blocks from my office at Brown. The vehicle was good to me for years, facilitating trips to the beach, visits with family, and co-op stock ups. But now that it’s gone I feel a tremendous weight lifted as I am no longer financially responsible for maintenance, repairs, insurance, car taxes, registration, and of course fuel. Oh, and parking tickets. All that has been transferred to a very nice man from Cranston. He bought the car for his daughter who, as he brags, just graduated from high school at the top of her class.

I’m left with my feet and my bike, which are more than sufficient modes of transportation for the remainder of the summer here in Providence and is certainly all I’ll need once I move to NYC. It’s a lovely season for the extra exercise. Now that I’ve sold the car I can justify tricking out my bike. Just kidding. But I am going to invest in a nice saddle. My friend who built the bike up for me chose my current saddle. Much of my ride was assembled with components he had lying around the shop he works in, which was a fantastic money saver and I’m pleased he was able to repurpose so many used parts. But unfortunately my overstuffed gel seat is starting to deteriorate and ooze sticky synthetic material onto my backside while I’m riding, especially on super hot days. It’s not a good look. So I’ve begun searching online (mostly craigslist and ebay) for a lightly used leather saddle. There seems to be a pretty good inventory out there.

Little by little, the pieces required for my transition are starting to fall into place, and I grow more excited as my first day of class draws nearer.

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  1. Jitka Mikulastikova August 2, 2013 at 10:03 pm #

    I love your site! I discovered it a few days ago and I have already read most of the articles 😉 I love your photos and the whole aesthetic of your style. (i think that free package food and cosmetic are so much prettier, I find it very pleasing to have everything in glass bottles, linen bags etc. )
    I am 21 and I found out that living with less stuff, reducing packing etc. is something incredible liberating. About a year ago I discovered blog called A zero waste home (by Bea Johnson), which was the first impulse. Do you know about this blog?
    Anyway, I can relate to your lifestyle a little bit more :)) maybe it is the age (I assume you are in your 20s ;), plus I am so impressed by your craft talent! I went to art school, now I am going to study Art history at the university.
    I am planning to purchase Klean Kanteen bottle and some stainless lunch boxes. The only disadvantage is that I cannot find any bulk stores in my area.(I am from Europe, the Czech republic). We have lost of health food stores here, but everything is in package :(

    The last thing I want to say is, that I hope in more articles by you. Have a great day!

    – Jitka

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