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Waste crate, week 6

This week’s trash.

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Waste crate, week 5

This week my trash crate contents raise a sensitive issue. After receiving a box of chocolates from a loved one in the mail for Valentine’s Day, I’d like to discuss the difficult task of refusing gifts. I will start by saying that the gift-giver in this case sent the most decadent, delicious chocolates I have […]

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Waste crate, week 4

My waste from this past week looks pretty much the same as prior weeks. I bought some produce from the grocery store again this week so I’m left with the plastic stickers for the landfill. I made an appointment toward the end of the month to talk with my vet about feeding my cat a home […]

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Waste crate, week 3

This week the trash crate looks a little better than the last couple. I made an effort to reduce the landfill trash pieces by focusing on buying produce without plastic tags or ties. I decided to break the habit of buying organic kale from the grocery store, which usually comes bundled with a plastic twist […]

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Waste crate, week two

Week two of waste crate contents looks pretty similar to week one. I received more junk mail this week than last, so I need to make another round of phone calls to get myself removed from more mailing lists. I received a few ‘pre-approved’ credit card offers this week. The ‘opt out’ phone number leads […]

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Waste crate

Pictured above is my trash and recycling bin after one week. I’ve been using this wood crate to hold all the recyclable paper, recyclable bottles & cans, and the landfill waste I produce each week. Before taking it out to the curb, I photographed it as a part of a new plan to document its […]

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This is Magpie. She is not trash-free, but I love her anyway. I took her home from a shelter almost seven years ago. Because she has a very delicate constitution, it has been difficult to make any changes to her diet. I feed her Wellness canned cat food as I was always told that wet […]

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