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Cherry blossoms

The cherry tree blossoms outside my bedroom window have finally opened. The fragrance is incredible. I can’t think of a better trash-free air freshener. I’m very sensitive to perfumes—especially products with floral scents, but I welcome any floral scent straight from the source.

The fragrance of the tree has led me to ponder the strangeness of products that are designed to mask and “eliminate” pesky odors. Commercials, print ads, and package labels urge us to use these products near the garbage can or on a stinky carpet to cover up mold and bacteria that may be hazardous to our health with sprays and plugins that often contain chemicals that are hazardous to our health.

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In bloom

Out on the street in front of my apartment, a spectacular show is going on. The ornamental pear tree blossoms are heartier than the magnolias and so far have withstood the freezing night time temperatures we’ve had this week.

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